State Availability


Which States can access our services?

State availability of our Services via our Network Partners is dependant of those lenders that operate or offer their financial products and services within any particular state. Certain lenders may charge their customers APR rates that exceed the limit of the state usury law, and due to this, can not legally operate within that state.

Each state has set their own Usury Laws – their purpose being to help protect you the consumer from unscrupulous lenders and excessive interest rates. Each State sets statutory limits on the amount of interest that you may be charged.

Due to the array of exceptions and legal loopholes regarding state interest rate limits, for example the type of lender or borrower, loan amount and the nature of the contract, some contractual agreements are exempt from state usury laws limiting interest rates. It is true to say that many states have so many exceptions that it is often necessary to find a different rate for every conceivable situation.

Consumers often waive the limit via contract (in writing or with the click of a mouse), a decision made to secure the credit they require. As a result, state interest rate laws typically have NO bearing on the actual rates paid by borrowers.

Not all Network Partners which includes lenders operate in all US states for various reasons. Residents of some US states may not be eligible for installment loans products, due to lender eligibility criteria or state legislation requirements. However within our Network Partners including lenders, depending on your state of residence, a lender has the option to decline to consider your interest in a financial product they offer or accept to consider your interest in the financial products they offer.

Our Network Partners which includes lenders policy is to connect our users with lenders that abide by their state usury laws, and that charge (including fees and interest), 4.95% minimum to 35.95% maximum, but within the legal limits that have been set by that state. If a lender accepts to consider your interest in a financial product that they offer, that lender will be responsible for ensuring that any agreement offered to you the customer, is legal within the state you reside at the time of completing any loan agreement.

If you are at all concerned regarding the interest rate that you have been quoted by a lender and wish to find additional information, it is recommended that you contact your State Office and start a dialogue regarding the specifics of their usury law and associated interest rates.

This service is not solicitation for loan products and does not constitute a loan offer for any loan products that are prohibited by state law.

This service is void where prohibited.